Wheel Throwing Class - Forms for the Table

Instructor: Dina Gewing

Wednesdays 10am1pm
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As a former chef, Dina focuses on the function of wares in relation to cuisine. This class is structured to teach fundamental wheel-working skills to form clay on the wheel. Basic forms such as cups and bowls will be the practice for the first time student.

For the more experienced student, this class also provides deeper technical insights of the craft, and forms for the table. Pitchers, trays, and teapots all have their nuaences that can be explored in this class. They'll also learn how the firing process impacts the form and aesthetics of a ceramic piece, as well as how to use a variety of glazing techniques. 

If the class is full, please apply to the wait list below.


Wednesday morning
10am - 1pm

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The waitlist is almost full and signing up today will be about a year's time. A couple of weeks before the end of a class, the current students are given the chance to re-register. The number of students opting out determines how many spots become available to new students (typically on the waiting list).