Drills & Skills - Advanced Throwing Fundamentals

An 8-part Intensive with Francis Bliven.

Designed for potters at an intermediate skill level who learn through structure and want thoughtful encouragement to develop throwing skills beyond their comfort zones.

This course really challenged me and I LOVED IT!

This 8-week intensive uses exercises to develop and strengthen the core skills of throwing.

When learning complex tasks, it can be helpful to break them down into their fundamental elements, and then practice each element individually. Through repetition, these building blocks can become second nature, allowing potters to move beyond conscious technique and express themselves more freely.

Some of the exercises will be timed, helping students to better coordinate with each other and to bring structure to their practice. The emphasis of the course will be on focused practice - not on creating or saving any finished work; no work made during class will be kept and there will be no firing provided. The studio will provide the clay used during all the classes (and recycle it for the next class), and each student will receive one bag of recycled clay to use for practice outside of class.

  • Date not yet arranged, gauging interest

  • 8 weekly segments with out-of-class practice assignments

  • 10 students maximum

  • $290

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