Friday, October 25, 6:30 – 10pm-ish
$10 per person ~ No experience required ~
Signup required.
Enrollment limited to 12.

[Open to PS members and PS students only]

Operations Manager Andrea Hurley will be running the Raku firing session. Because of the prep work and extra time for cleanup, she'll be working 5+ hours, so to make this workable for the studio and her we'll need you each to chip in $10 at the door.

You are required to stay until the firing is over and all cleanup is done. No exceptions.

Please bring a piece or two (max 550 cubic inches) of your bisqued stoneware (not porcelain). We’ll have four Raku glazes for you to choose from or you can bring your own. If you can, come a little bit early to glaze your piece. We will do two firings (depending on how many people attend) to try to get everyone's work in, but no guarantees. You must be present to have work fired, wear natural fiber clothing and closed toe shoes. When you sign up, you will be emailed further information and safety instructions about the firing.

General info about raku:

For further information, contact: events@berkeleypottersstudio.com
The Potters’ Studio 1221 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 528-3286


Safety Disclaimer:

The American Raku firing process poses serious health threats so please:

Do not wear synthetic clothing. Synthetics catch fire easily and will melt onto your skin. Wear cotton, denim or wool for best fire protection.

No open-toe shoes. Leather boots are the safest shoe you can wear.

Do not inhale the smoke/vapors. Move away from the smoke or wear a N95+ respirator.

Wear leather welders gloves. A glowing orange pot is an obvious danger. However, sometimes the worst burns occur when the object appears to be cool and somebody picks it up without a glove. A firebrick, metal and ceramic can retain scalding temperatures without showing any signs that they will burn you.

No Drinking and Firing. If you have a few drinks, sit back and relax. Let someone sober deal with the dangers of the firing. Horrible accidents have occurred from impaired judgement and miscalculation. You don’t want to trip and break your fall with a white hot trash can lid.

Respect the facilitator. Listen to their instructions to have a safe and beautiful firing.

Thanks for reading the above guidelines and have fun!