Membership Overview

The Potters Studio Berkeley Space

Looking for a place to work on your pottery/ceramics 24/7? Have it fired for you at a reasonable fee? Or fire it yourself in our electric or gas kilns? Even learn to fire it yourself with free training? Membership includes access to all of our equipment and facilities. $160/month. Clay and firing fees are extra. 

Note that our membership is currently full. More details here:

  • 24/7 access (after 1-month trial period)

  • two-month initial commitment, month-to-month after that

  • a storage cubby for clay and tools

  • additional personal storage units available for rent

  • free trainings (if desired) for firing, making glazes, and equipment use

  • use of our 18 cone-10 glazes, colored slips and stains

  • access to slab roller, spray booth, extruder, grinder, etc.

  • around 10 kinds of high-fire clay

  • access to fully stocked, well-ventilated glaze mixing chemical lab (free training required)

  • use of communal kitchen with fridge storage

  • limited parking on-site, street parking



Many trainings are available to you with your membership. 

Toki Workshop


There are discounts on workshops for members.