General Handbuilding

Instructor: Scott Jennings

Thursdays 10am - 1pm

Beginners and advanced students are welcome in this class that will explore a variety of forming and finishing techniques throughout the session. The class will focus on hand building techniques, including but not limited to, the basics of working with clay, using soft slabs to make cups and bowls, coil and pinch vessels, rigid slab construction, using slip in the decorative process, and finally glaze application. While particular attention will be paid to functional and vessel forms, students who wish to work on sculptural forms are welcome. Special attention will be paid to students’ individual pursuits.

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Thursday morning
10am - 1pm

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Estimated wait time for this class: 7-9 months.

A couple of weeks before the end of a class, the current students are given the chance to re-register. The number of students opting out determines how many spots become available to new students (typically on the waiting list).

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