Trainings Overview

Our business is very unique in that you can receive valuable training about the entire ceramic process. Our hope is that you will learn all of the processes involved in becoming self-suffecient in your work. 

Trainings are organized with sign-up sheets in the hallway where the restrooms are. Check the latest sheet in the studio to see when you can join in. Bring a notepad!

Close-up Procedure

After a month of probationary use of the studio, you will be shown how to close the studio for the night and be given a key card. This privilege is a sign of trust and is a serious responsibility of the members.

Electric Kiln

If you wish to bisque your own work, this training is essential. Depending on your interest, we can show you the basics or go into programming specific firings.

Gas Kiln Firing

We have several types of kilns you may learn to fire. These include three different sized updrafts, a down-draft and two atmospheric kilns: raku and soda. Our policy at the studio is you must first shadow a particular firing three times (loading, firing, and unloading) before you can move on to fire your own kilns. 

Our regular gas kiln trainings are offered two times a week. You may attend a studio firing Tuesdays starting at 7a.m. or on Thursdays starting at 7 a.m.

For more information on soda and raku firings, please talk to staff.



We have a 30" slab roller, two extruders you may use. Talk to staff to learn how to operate them.

This part requires safety gear! You must have at least a Niosh P-95+ rated mask. This is required if you wish to have access to our glaze chemicals lab and learn about mixing glazes. 

Chemicals Health and Safety

Glaze Mixing

If you want to mix your own recipes, or test glazes, this training will show you how and what to use. A waiver is signed and a key is loaned for a $20 deposit to give you access to the lab.