Deep Exploration: Ep. 4 Jars

Instructor: David Delgado

Tuesdays 7pm10pm
See Class Session Schedule here.

Intermediate/Advanced level

Every eight week class will focus on exploring one topic in depth (cups, bowls, jars etc.). The idea is to give students the required time, space, and accountability needed to understand the minutiae of each topic. At the beginning of the eight weeks, students will be introduced to several simple structures, how to make them, and why it works. From there they will work through lessons exploring different components particular to that type of vessel as well as several variations on the topic. As a supplement to their work on the wheel, they will look at various examples in person as well as from handouts provided in class. Handouts will consist of photos and lists of artists, historical pots, and potteries to explore.

Each session will be broken up into four lessons and each lesson will be given two weeks time for students to explore the material. The first class of each lesson will be dedicated to introducing an idea with examples and then to introduce the techniques behind that idea. The rest of class the instructor will focus on advising students through these new processes. The second class will be focused on continuing with that work as well as introducing complementary techniques as needed to complete each form. Toward the end of that second day, students will have 20-30 minutes to show works in progress and get feedback from both students and the instructor.

For example: The first class the instructor will bring in physical examples of the form to be explored(cups in this case) along with handouts and packets filled with pictures and information on different historical cups. Students will hold onto these packets for the entire session and begin making the forms. The second class, students will continue to work and the instructor will elaborate on finishing the forms. Toward the end of that second class, there will be a group discussion with constructive feedback about the cups everyone made and the next lesson will begin the following week.


Waiting lists are being phased out. For classes starting after May 1, registration for new students will be done via a link on this page, first-come/first-serve. The registration opening date/time for the Tue. night session starting 6/4/2019 will be 5/15/2019, noon. Please make note of this and return here then if you’d like to register.