The Potters' Studio Gallery
Hours: Sat.-Sun.: 12:00-5:00pm

Sculpture and Surface Design
The Potters' Studio Gallery Presents
Sculpture and Surface Design
With Invited Artists: Tomoko Nakazato, Jenn Brazelton
& Tiffany Schmierer

Saturday, April 22 to Sunday, May 28

Reception: Saturday, April 22, 6:00-8:00pm

We will be featuring the work of three sculptural ceramic artists with three very different approaches to surface, color and use of materials. Included in the show will be selected works of our Potters’ Studio members. This will be a fascinating and engaging show. Please join us.

Tomoko Nakazato perceives our current cultural environment to be an ever-morphing entity of bling, color, and glossy gobs of melting patterns and symbols. Her sculptural work is a visual representation of this perception. She combines shapes and contrasting colors inspired from images of pop-culture in its many forms. Her artwork possesses a fantastical style, often innocently precarious, irrational in nature and grossly jaded.

Jenn Brazelton creates sculuptures that are inspired by the unity she sees in the world around her. She is interested in the way seemingly unrelated elements interact and intersect to form harmonic relationships. Her sculptures accentuate the connections, visual patterns, and contradictions that she experiences in daily life. Included in this show are pieces from her "Constructed Cartogram" work. These sculptures are created using maps of nations whose shapes are altered by human population data.

Tiffany Schmierer creates assembled environments with a visual density of pattern, color, imagery, and detail. Rather than edit down to the minimal, she embraces the complexity of our visual culture. She refers to her sculptures as three-dimensional collages, where she is layering a chain of ideas to create a cohesive whole.

Potters' Studio Artists:
Andrea Hurley
Anna Vaughan
Beth Rockmill
Christopher Dworin
David Delgado
James Whiting
Janet Welch
Jennifer Joh
JoAnn Coffino 
Lynn Paige
Pascal Emmer
Sachiko Campe
Susan Lockary

Please join us as we present the work of our invited artists along with our own studio artists.