Strictly Functional
The Potters' Studio Gallery Presents
Strictly Functional ~ Pottery for Everyday Use
With Invited Artists: Robbie Lobell, Scott Jennings & Jan Schachter

Saturday, March 11 to Sunday, April 16

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 11, 6-8pm

For this show we've invited three West Coast ceramic artists who excel at magically combining form and function. These ceramics pots, vessels and plates are designed for everyday use and are made from clay bodies and glazes that are both beautiful and functional. As objects, they possess beautifully articulated lines, subtly colorful glazes and a wonderful feel in the hand when in use.

Robbie Lobell's cookware is made from extremely durable flameware clay that can go directly from the refrigerator to a hot oven and back again without cracking. Once you try cooking on clay, you'll be hooked! Lobell's pots reside in kitchens, on tables and in cupboards across the nation. Her flameproof cookware is used by award-winning chefs and featured in gourmet food shops and at culinary events. Robbie's work has been exhibited nationwide.

Scott Jennings uses thin slabs of white stoneware and paper templates to create his unique hand-built tableware. Patterns are added to the wet clay slabs while flat and then the form is assembled and stretched to create volume. His work is visually stunning and engagingly tactile.

Jan Schachter creates pots for everyday use with an artists hand; each piece is a subtle variation of a form. She is a perfectionist and is constantly searching for the perfect surface and ideal design while striving to create pots that have life and vitality. Her work is in the permanent collections of galleries and museums.

Potters' Studio Artists:
Astrid Keene
Ava DeCapri
David Phipps
David Zarovny
Dayana Claghorn
Dina Gewing
Elena Fernandes
Fay Chazin
Ingrid Powers
JoAnn Coffino
Joe Sanger
Logan Kelley
Lynn Paige
Lynne Geries
Margot Reisner
Maria Rabinovich
Nancy Urban
Nick Perkocha
Rose de Heer
Sachiko Campe
Sami Maisel
Sherry Haberman
Sunnam Lee
Tomoko Jarrell
Zak Federer

Please join us as we present the work of our invited artists along with our own studio artists.