Day Use

If you are interested in a short-term project or cannot come into the studio on a regular basis, you might be interested in our One-Day, Half-Day Pass, or 5-Day Pass (aka Take 5) programs.

Our 5-day pass program, Take 5, provides a discount: $75 for 5 passes, usable anytime.

Pricing: $10 for less than two hours and $20 for more than two hours.

Instruction: The day use program assumes you basically know what you're doing with clay and are just looking for a great place to do it -- there is no instruction provided aside from studio protocols. We do have classes but they're all 8 weeks.

Clay: We stock about 10 kinds of high fire clay and it's priced about $15 per 25 lb. bag, with porcelain being a bit more. You're welcome to bring in your own clay, but please clear it with staff first -- we need to make sure it's handled appropriately with respect to its firing temperature, both in terms of the kilns it may go into and cleanup/recycling/disposal.

Firing: There's a $10 minimum for firing and we do low, mid, and high fire. We charge by volume and pricing is at the contract firing rate.

Hours: Weekday daytime staff hours but not during a class. It works out as follows:

Please call (510) 528-3286 or for more details.